The #1 Choice for Top Dealers

All SPLP Auto Transport providers pride themselves in providing quality automotive transport to Dealerships. Sterling Productions' team coordinates directly with dealers, their customers, and the carriers to ensure seamless transportation. This frees up your salesman staff to get back on the floor.

We provide 100% follow through from vehicle pick up to delivery. Your customer will never be left in the dark wondering when their vehicle will arrive.  We post your vehicles with Certified Carriers as an Agent of the Dealer.  We know car dealers and we know how important reliable on time service is to you and your customer.

Your customer wants the car right away! No one likes to make a big purchase and then to have to sit around and wait for it! We make auto dealers our number one priority; because we understand your needs and that you ship a lot of cars.

Fast Turn Around On Dealer Trades

We specialize in auto dealer to auto dealer trades. We service hundreds of top auto dealers across the U.S and Canada due to our stellar customer service and fast response time. In most cases, we will have the trades picked up and delivered at the same time. Get the car fast and cut down on transit time.

  • We ensure carrier has valid authority and is in good standing
  • We ensure carrier insurance is valid and in full force and effect with mandated amounts
  •  We ensure carrier has a superior on the road safety records
  •  We ensure previous carrier satisfaction rating from previous customers, not self-regulated rating scores
                                 Dealer to Auction service

                                 Dealer to Auction service

Hot Rods & Dealer to Auction Vehicles

We understand how important it is to get your car to and from the auction fast and on time. We know that you don’t make your money until the cars get sold. Our average transit time for car dealers is half of what other carriers are doing and it’s because car dealers (you) are our number one priority!


We Are Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured.
We Require No Up Front Fees … Ever