Military & veteran auto transport


Military personnel are often required to pack up and move from base to base quite frequently without any notice. Military auto transport services save the soldier the headache of having to deal with it all by themselves. SPLP Auto Transport wants to help you through the transport process. Finding the right auto shipping company can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, we understand this and will make your life and the transport process that much simpler. Many times questions arise such as; “Can you pick up and deliver to my military base?” “Is this a reliable car transport company?” “Will my vehicle be damaged when it arrives?” Rest assured, you can be certain that SPLP Auto Transport will pay the utmost attention to all details during the entire military auto transport process.

Military & Veteran Auto Transport Excellence

SPLP Auto Transport has a very knowledgeable staff with over 30 years of experience helping families and members of the military get their vehicles transported safely and economically. Our vehicle transport customer service and operations team has access to the largest fleet of car carriers in the nation to ensure that we can pick up and deliver your vehicle on time. SPLP Auto Transport can provide you with a very reliable and dependable auto transport service that is customized to specific US military transfer vehicle needs. Transporting your family vehicle is an essential ingredient in the moving process and as a proud provider of vehicle transport services, we would be honored to transport your vehicle.


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