Sterling Productions, LP. (MC# 939059) is a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Auto Transport Provider.
The Client will make sure that the vehicle is present and ready for shipping by a Sterling Productions, LP designated Carrier. Client affirms that Sterling Productions, LP and its designated Carrier will not be held responsible for delays caused by inclement weather, traffic obstructions in the area, or any other unforeseen event that may cause delay.
Client acknowledges that to get the vehicle on and off the Carrier, the vehicle will need to be driven and must be in operable condition to do so, unless otherwise noted.
Vehicles are assumed to be in operable condition unless otherwise noted. Inoperable vehicles will result in additional fees of at least $200.00 to Client if prior arrangements were not made. Client and/or representative of Client agrees to be available to help load and unload inoperable vehicles upon pickup/delivery. Sterling Productions, LP will NOT under any circumstances be held responsible for inoperable vehicles once they are delivered. It is strictly up to the Client to make the appropriate arrangements to have the vehicle moved and stored properly. Should your vehicle not be in operable condition, please state up front so that Sterling Productions, LP can make the appropriate arrangements and minimize any extra fees to you.
Sterling Productions, LP designated Carriers will exercise care and prudence to deliver the vehicle within the timeframe specified. Timeframes are not guaranteed but rather estimated, therefore, delivery by a specific date cannot be guaranteed, but a majority of deliveries are completed within the timeframe specified.
Sterling Productions, LP designated Carriers will pick up and deliver Client’s vehicle door to door. This means service will be arranged to get as close to these destinations as possible. Low hanging trees, truck restrictions and roadwork are some examples of those circumstances that would hinder door-to-door service. It’s the Client and/or representative’s responsibility to meet the Carrier in the closest, safest location, which is typically a large parking lot.
Client affirms that he/she is the registered legal owner of the vehicle to be shipped or that he/she has the permission of the legal owners to enter into this Agreement.
*** Take note of any damage. It does not hurt to take some quick photos of your vehicle and any existing damage. The Carrier will do a vehicle inspection upon pickup and again upon delivery to you.
Turn off all alarm systems. Do not leave anything of value in the vehicle. DO not store additional items in vehicle or in trunk as they are not covered by carrier’s Insurance.
Please note that your vehicle is fully insured when being transported by the contracted Carrier’s Liability and Cargo Insurance. Client will take part in an inspection with driver of Carrier upon pickup as well as delivery. If any damage is noticed, it MUST be written on The Bill of Lading at pickup and delivery time, initiated by both parties and reported within 24 hours. Notification to Sterling Productions, LP should be made immediately or within 24 hours so that proper follow-up can be initiated.
Sterling Productions, LP is not responsible for any damage caused by the designated Carrier or any acts of nature. We will however, assist you with any information you require to initiate your Claim with the designated Carrier’s Insurance.  We cannot and are not authorized to file claims with the Carrier’s Insurance on your behalf. Should you permit a representative to accept delivery of the vehicle, they should be aware of all points noted above.
All transport bookings require a deposit, the amount of which will vary depending on the pickup and delivery destinations.  Your credit card WILL NOT be charged until Sterling Productions, LP has received a signed accepted Transport Form from the selected Carrier.  Please note, once we locate a Carrier and receive the signed accepted Transport Form, your deposit is non-refundable.
Client will receive a copy of the signed Transport form as well as a copy of the deposit charged to the credit card at that time.
Client waives his/her rights to receive their refund if vehicle is double booked with another Broker or if the vehicle is not available at the designated pickup time with the Carrier.
Client will pay any balance via cash, certified cashier’s check, money order or Company Business check upon delivery. Should a delivery be attempted but Client or representative is not present, the vehicle will be dropped off at the nearest terminal. Client will then need to pay for storage, redelivery fees, etc.
The Client has read and acknowledges the terms and conditions as set forth. Once agreed to an acceptance email must be send back to me. Any changes can be made only in writing and with the permission of Sterling Productions, LP via email to note and save any changes agrees to.
Thank you for your business and I look forward to personally working with you!
Paige M. Johnson
Sterling Productions, LP
Direct Cell: 704-402-5007
Call Toll Free 800-204-0754